Kelly Carr: Editor of Life

Kelly Carr
Writing & Editing Consultant

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Let's shape your story. 


Making people better

My passion has always been words—writing them, editing them, speaking them, singing them. Over the years I discovered that my favorite way to use words is to make people better.

Not that there's anything wrong with you now. (Well, not much anyway.)

All of us could use fresh eyes in the writing process. A trim here, a tweak there, an intriguing introduction—now your work is focused and powerful.

Will they understand?

You have something to say, but how will it come across to others?

Crafting clear communication is hard to do alone. You need support to ensure that people accurately comprehend your message. 

Whether I help a nonprofit share their mission, coach an author with that first book idea, create a profile about a dynamic leader, or simply help my daughter have a more meaningful conversation with a friend—my passion is using language to connect people and ideas. 

Where could you use some sharpening?
Let's shape your story.

—Kelly (

Engaging Kelly as editor is some of the best money I’ve spent. Her knowledge of grammar, attention to detail, storytelling acumen, and Bible knowledge is simply phenomenal.

Cameron Dryden, novelist & MIT-trained engineer

Kelly has been integral in helping CDF Capital’s brand take shape, in words, in voice, and in story. Her skills and knowledge are only exceeded by her insight and heart.

—Nathan elson, Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development at cdf capital

Kelly’s suggestions are brilliant, and I’m so happy to have her working with me on my new book.

amanda porter, author & board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner