About Kelly

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For 20 years I have worked in the publishing industry.

  • Currently my writing & editing clients include: businesses (CDF Capital, Visioneering Studios), publications (Christianity Today, Christian Standard), and book authors.
  • Previously I spent 4 years as Senior Editor of The Lookout, a weekly faith-based magazine.  
  • Before that I spent a decade as Editor of Encounter—The Magazine, a weekly publication for teens by Standard Publishing; during that time I also edited books and curriculum for teens and adults. 


In childhood, my nose was always in a book. I mentally narrated each day as if it were a new chapter. The words I took in spilled out on paper. I sat at my grandpa's desk and wrote a poem about a pen; I sought just the right words for family birthday cards. When others enjoyed the words I put together, a spark was lit. Years later, as I discovered the ability to help people make their words stronger, the flame was fanned.


I have an incredible husband and an amazing daughter. I have fabulous parents, in-laws, and extended family—too many to list here. Suffice to say, my heart is full.


I love Jesus. He loves me unconditionally, shapes me (as I always need it), and gives me unspeakable strength. And I love being part of Echo Church in Cincinnati—a group of people who are authentic, caring, and desire to help others on their spiritual journeys. After helping found the church over a decade ago, I have the opportunity to teach, help with worship, and offer regular support with our missionaries.


In my free time, my favorite things are hanging out with friends, reading, running, singing, rapping along to Hamilton, cheering for Kentucky basketball and FC Cincinnati soccer, watching movies, binging on quality TV series, and savoring quality food and drink.