Kelly Carr: Editor of Life

Crafting insightful content to make you and your message stronger.

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Become better.

My passion has always been words—writing them, editing them, speaking them, singing them. Over the years I discovered that my favorite way to use words is to help others become better. Not that there's anything wrong with you right now. (Well, not too much anyway.)

All of us could use a good editor. (Even editors.) A trim here, a tweak there, a fix on that wayward comma—and there you have a powerful message.

You have something to say, but how do you get it out there?

Will others understand?

Crafting the strongest communication is hard to do alone. Whether it's to sharing your organization's mission, gaining new customers, or simply telling a personal story, good support is helpful to make sure that people understand correctly the thing you're trying to communicate. 

Let's shape your story.

I'm here for you.

I chose editing as my career, yet I realized all areas of life can be edited.

Whether I help a nonprofit craft a newsletter or write an article about a dynamic leader or simply help my daughter have a more meaningful conversation with a friend—it involves making things a little clearer, a little stronger, a little more focused.

Where could you use some sharpening? Contact me. I'm here for you.



“I found the phrase to every thought I ever had, but one;”


Emily dickinson  |  poet