Still Thirsty (Final Four, round 2)

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For almost 4 years I had the privilege & challenge of writing a weekly editorial for The Lookout, a Christian living & devotional magazine. As I ended my tenure there, the timing fell on a series we developed about Jesus' encounters with people and what we can learn from his actions and words. I enjoyed writing these last editorials. I hope you enjoy reading them. Others in this series: round 1, round 3, and round 4.

Water—there’s something about it that fascinates me. Nature draws my mind to God, water especially. It causes me to reflect upon the Lord. When I am by an ocean, the magnitude of God’s power overwhelms me. When I glimpse a waterfall, his grandeur is showered upon my soul. When I am by a stream, his peace, like a river, attendeth my way.

It’s no wonder then that John 4 catches my eye. Jesus, God incarnate, approached a woman—that’s intriguing and relates to me. And where else but by some water—now you’ve got my full attention.

What can I learn from this ancient encounter? There are many things to glean, but here’s where I land today:

No matter how long I’ve lived, no matter what I’ve done, no matter where I am at this point in the game, I’ve discovered—I’m always thirsty.

Aren’t you?

Maybe it’s thirst for that next experience, to have fun, to see places, to try new things. Maybe it’s thirst for that next accomplishment, a goal met, an award received, an item checked off the chart. Maybe it’s thirst for the next thing, the new gadget to get, the new wardrobe to wear, the new car to drive, the new house to own. Maybe it’s thirst for that next relationship, hoping to find one true friend, find the person to marry, have a few children, get grandkids.

Yet no matter how many of these next things we pursue and conquer, we still get thirsty again. Nothing quite satisfies for long.

I don’t think it’s supposed to.

How can we find contentment? How can we stop comparing? How can we feel quenched in our spirits so that we stop looking for what’s next?

“Where can you get this living water?” (John 4:11).

We know the answer, deep in our souls. Let’s reread John 4 and apply it to ourselves right now, right where we are, just as we are looking for what’s next. Let’s turn to the living water and never thirst again.

Originally published on July 30, 2017 in The Lookout.

Working with this Scripture text also inspired some Sunday teaching at Echo Church.

Kelly Carr