Editor of Life

I like my job! Not everyone can say that, so I feel truly blessed. God has given me certain skills, and I want to use them for His glory. Editing ENCOUNTER--The Magazine, I get to use those skills to help teens connect with God in a deeper way.

As an editor, I have the opportunity to come into contact with terrific writers who can put thoughts about God and life into articulate terms. Just by working on ENCOUNTER, I grow as a Christian. I get to see other people's creative thoughts, inspired by God's word and Spirit, and as I proofread, I gain from the process. At the same time, I hope and pray that there will be teens who later pick up the magazine and connect as well.

I also enjoy the times when I get to help some not-so-great writers. When I see people with awesome ideas who may not know just the right way to put them on paper, I have a great time coming alongside and trying to bring out the best in them. I never realized that would be such a gratifying experience! I used to think being an editor just meant that I was a picky person, but I can step back and see a higher calling -- I am there to bring out the best in a writer and through that work, call out to teen readers in the best way possible.

I came to a realization over a year or so ago that I like doing the same thing in life. I enjoy listening to people and being there as they work through situations. I might not always have a solution, but I try to be there with them in the journey and give any help that I can. There is a joy when I discover that God may have used me to help to bring out the best in that person. In doing so, I become an editor of life! I take no credit on my own (because I usually don't even remember what I did to help!) but realize that God can use someone as flawed as me to do something on this earth for Him.

Praise God for working through (and despite!) imperfect people.