Reading Overdose on Harry Potter

I've read all the Harry Potter books. It started out when we were doing youth ministry at Madeira when Steve and I were first married. When the first book was published, there was, if you recall, controversy. Should a "good" Christian read it or not? Well, I happened to be teaching the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in Sunday school, and even the kids in the class were split over it. Some said their parents read the book with them. Others said their parents were mad that their school teachers were reading it to them. To be better informed as their Sunday school teacher, I figured I should read the book myself. So I borrowed it from a friend, and I got hooked!

I'll admit, I don't know the age range I would recommend to start reading the series. After all, there is some crazy stuff that happens in the books that could scare youngsters. But JK Rowling's writing is amazing and I appreciate her skills, finding each novel compelling as an adult reader.

As each book was published, I found a friend who would lend me a copy. (I wasn't sure if I wanted to officially own them and was too cheap to purchase right away!) What's funny though is that when the sixth book came out, I really didn't have anyone close to me from whom I could borrow the book. So I didn't end up reading it until just a few months ago.

I was surprised that I hadn't found out any information on what had happened in the sixth book since it was published two years ago. I guess I wasn't around any hardcore fans who talked about it. Then, 3/4 of the way through the book, Steve was commenting on some T-shirt he saw online that had things printed on it to spoil the endings of movies and books. As I glanced up, I saw the ending to book 6, mere pages from reading about it. I went almost two years hearing nothing, and he spoils it for me that close to the ending?!?!?!? He felt really bad. He didn't realize that the info was a spoiler for that particular book. (Another note: before book 5, I had talked with a teenager at Mason and she hinted at the person who dies in that book. So again, before reading about it, the ending had been spoiled!)

It was kind of nice having just read book 6 because it was fresh in my mind (I'm not so hardcore, and I forget what happens in some of the books), and I was eagerly anticipating the final book. I found a whole new crop of friends at church who are avid Potter fans. And Beth told me she'd lend me the book when she was finished. Hooray!

Sunday night at church, a mere week after it was released, I had it in my hands. (I've been avoiding all reviews, TV shows, web sites, etc. -- even my husband, who cheated and went to Wikipedia the day after it was published to read all the details, even though he's never read the books!!!) I wanted to read it fast and just know what happened. So I sat down Sunday at 10 p.m. and read till 1 a.m. I was a third of the way through.

Monday I had to actually get some work done and also care for my child. But I found a couple of daylight hours to read to the halfway mark. (OK, so I ignored my child a little -- I mean, I made sure she was playing contentedly as I sat in her room and read while she amused herself with toys and books. The girl has to learn that at some point anyway! I'm presenting a good example by reading!) Then at 9:30 p.m. Kaelyn was in bed, work was done, and I was able to focus solely on finishing the book. By 12:30 a.m. I had done it! All 759 pages! I cannot recall ever reading so much in so little time!

It is complete. I am satisfied with my read. Now I'm back to living in the real world today. And I might take a nap.
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