Be Careful What You Pray For!

I am now home. Hard to believe the surprise week I had. It's good to be in familiar surroundings. Although it was nice to have people bring things to me (like pain pills!) at the push of a button, the hospital food wasn't anything to write home about; plus I had to drag around a little contraption everywhere I walked, and don't get me started on the fashion statement I made with the lovely gowns and my pj pants each day! :)

But here's one thing I did come to realize: recently, I'd been thinking about some things. I'd kind of made a mental list.

• I wanted to write some deeper things on my blog, not just updates on goings and comings of my week or Kaelyn's latest fad.

• I wanted to spend quality time with Carol, who I hadn't seen in a while.

• I wanted to not be so stressed.

• I wanted a little rest, a little "me" time.

• I wanted to draw closer to God and spend more time in prayer.

• I wanted to see my parents and parents-in-law sometime this month before Christmas.

• I wanted extra sleep.

Now I didn't exactly pray, "Dear God, please cause my lung to spontaneously deflate and put me in the hospital for five days." But I guess that did do the trick and complete the checklist on all of the above.

Who knew? I'll begin my next wish list with caution . . .
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