Thoughts on Life

We're doing OK after the past week we had. Thanks for your prayers. We feel God's strength.

The weekend's warm weather lifted our spirits. And I enjoyed taking Kaelyn on a short, late-afternoon trip to the zoo yesterday! I did want to post some different thoughts I had this past weekend. Just in case sharing helps anyone else—and it helps me to share and process!

My first random thought was a little snarky. I realized that, back when I was 5, my brother died in March. Several years ago, my grandmother died in March. And then we found out about the baby last week, which is, of course, in March (in case you didn't already figure that out!). So maybe March just sucks for me! I thought about boycotting March this year, like refusing to call it by name, instead choosing either February Part II or Pre-April. Those are my options right now! :) I do know some good people born in March—maybe that will help me reconsider this boycott.

And on a more serious note, I went through some grieving emotions on Friday night and wrote this poem during my tears:

We gave you no funeral
Gave you no name
You were a heartbeat that
appeared on the screen one week
And disappeared the next
We didn't get to know who you were
boy or girl
color of your eyes or hair
I was so scared
And now so sad
Sorry that we missed the chance
to meet on earth

by Kelly Carr
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