Fellowship of the Fountain

Maybe it's the beauty of the water lifting to the sky and then falling back to the sparkling pool beneath. Maybe it's the soothing sound of the water. Maybe it's the tranquility inherent in the park.

Something brings people to the Mirror Lake section of Eden Park each day. And there is a camaraderie formed by those who spend time in this area.

Go at any point of the day, and you will find people admiring the fountain, exercising around the fountain, or playing in the grassy area nearby. There are people from all walks of life: elderly adults taking it slow, little kids on bikes, college students throwing ball, starstruck lovers gazing into one another's eyes, various individuals walking dogs or reading books or enjoying the view. People of all ethnicities and ages and economic situations are drawn to this particular spot in the park, from dawn till dusk, usually in any type of weather.

You'll notice that folks are generally amiable as they spend their time doing whatever they came to do. I've not been struck by that fact so strongly until this morning. I was beginning a sort of mid-year's resolution to get more consistent exercise. So when Steve returned from his run, I took off toward the park for my own short jaunt. While approaching the fountain, I observed my fellow compatriots.

There were several people walking around the fountain, one man stretching beside the fountain, another person asleep on a nearby bench, and one other runner. No matter who I passed, whether the person had headphones on or not, I made eye contact with the person and we greeted one another. One was a nod of understanding. Three were cheerful hellos. It warmed my heart and made me smile and kept me pressing onward in my small pursuit.

It didn't matter how similar or different we were in our life situations. We were all gathered at the fountain on this beautiful morning. We all witnessed beauty and joy and peace. We shared something in common.

*Photo above © 2006 Steve Carr