Sound the Alarm!

Today Kaelyn and I were picking up Steve's SUV from getting some things fixed on it. We graciously got a ride to the west side of town. Afterward, we pulled into UDF (that's a gas station, convenience store, and ice cream shop combo, for those of you non-Cincinnatians) so I could . . . well, to be honest, so I could use the ladies' room. (We're going full disclosure here.)

I park right outside the door (scored a good spot on a rainy day) and drag Kaelyn inside. Then I have to wait for the restroom key. La di da . . . waiting . . . waiting.

When suddenly I hear a familiar sound: the sound of Steve's car alarm going off!

I drag Kaelyn back to the door and see a man sitting in the drivers' seat, door propped open, digging into the change that's in our console.

My heart is pounding, hands shaking as I yell, "What do you think you're doing?!"
"Oh, is this your car?" he asks.
"Get out!" I say firmly. (Firmly? That's putting it lightly.)
"I'm sorry. Here's your dime," he says while handing me back the money he just snatched from my car.

At this point, I'm surprised that I didn't wet my pants, but I still had to go. So I stopped the alarm, slammed the door, and marched Kaelyn back into the store. As I'm doing this, the man says, "I'm sorry. I got the wrong car. This is mine." And he goes two parking spaces over to get into a blue SUV (which looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, even the type of blue doesn't match ours) and starts scrounging around for change again.

At first I didn't believe him. How could he get into our vehicle and think it was his? I think he's just saying that to steal our change. (I've had many a story told to me in my neighborhood. I'm not too trusting.) But then his significant other/wife/girlfriend pokes her head out the door and berates the guy for being an idiot who got into the wrong car. Now I'm wondering if he's out of it, on a substance, or what.

As we pass him again in the store, he apologizes again, and I think I finally believe him. Hands still shaking, I drag Kaelyn back out to the car, as Kaelyn keeps asking, "Why did that man think our car was his?" I have no idea, I want to say.

The deal is, Steve's driver side door has issues sometimes if you don't close it right. (And I didn't because I was just running in and out.) The SUV was locked, but the drivers' side door still could get open. And because it's locked, opening the door still activates the alarm. In this case, good thing!

I promptly consoled my nerves with ice cream . . . but NOT from UDF! We got out of there and settled on Graeters instead. No drama there!
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