No Words

Sometimes there are no words.

Out of pain.

Out of fear.

Out of self-consciousness.

But sometimes it's out of awe.

I like those moments. Because a lot of my day is filled with words—words in my head, if not on my tongue. And I can go all day buzzing from one thought or conversation to the next. Yet all of these communications surrounding me are on the here-at-hand, the stuff of earth.

Therefore I like it when the stuff of earth draws my attention heavenward.

Because when I think on things above, the stuff of earth finds meaning.

When I think on things above, I find the strength to move ahead when the earth beneath my feet makes me weary.

When I think on things above, even the beauty here below glows with more hope.

A simple drive home tonight, windows down, radio off, gave me a chance to clear my mind of the day's commotion. And so I was better prepared to receive the beauty placed in my vision. And better prepared to allow it to draw my attention to an amazing Creator's artistry.

(*Photo taken from the car window. I pulled over to capture the moment.)