Amena Brown: Spoken Word & Broken Records

Me and Amena at the Catalyst conference

Me and Amena at the Catalyst conference

Hey friends. I had the chance to guest post on a friend's blog this week, so I want to send you over there to read it

I became friends with author Jacqueline Holness in my magazine editor days. She was a monthly columnist for The Lookout, discussing Christians and Culture. Jackie has a blog After the Altar Call where she posts reviews of media, interviews with celebrities, and conversations about culture. When I visited ATL recently, I got to see her again in person—what a blessing! Jackie graciously allowed me to share my interview with Amena Brown with her readers.

At Catalyst Atlanta a few weeks ago, I got to meet Amena Brown, spoken word artist and author of a new book, How to Fix a Broken Record. She felt like a friend after two minutes of conversation. We talked and laughed about truth in art, the broken records our country needs to address, and friends you can snot in front of! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

In conclusion, your assignments are: Read my guest post. Read Jackie's stuff. Read more about Amena Brown. Read it all and enjoy!

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