My Project: Bold Moves, part 4


I am making more bold decisions than I used to.


I can’t stop.
I thought I could, but I can’t.

I know so many great people with thoughtful perspectives on life—people who have lived through astounding events that have given them fascinating points of view; people who may not even realize that how they see the world is unique and interesting. I need to hear their thoughts. I want others to hear them. 

Their stories need to be told.

Perhaps I'm a little bit addicted to stories. Are you?

  • Books: At first I thought it was one particular medium. When I dive into a book, I shut out the world—don’t talk to me until I find out what happens to this character.
  • TV: Then, when streaming media gave me the chance to binge-watch a TV show, I became just as enthralled as I did with my novels. Well-written scripts captivated my attention.
  • Podcasts: Now podcasts are my jam. Chores are more enjoyable when someone is expounding upon experiences in my earbuds. Time flies, my dishes are done, and I’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. I’m a better person for it.
  • Movies: When I consider it, that’s the same reason my favorite movies draw me back for repeat viewings. Whether it’s heart-pumping action or slow thoughtful circumstances, something onscreen fills me with euphoria. Quotable dialogue, emotional depth, life lessons learned—the movies I rewatch again and again have a relatability, a connection I am seeking.

Stories reveal the similarity in our souls.

When I find that someone else out there in this vast expanse of time and space has thought what I’ve thought, battled with similar turmoil, or laughs at the same absurdity I see in the world—then I know I’m not alone.

That’s always nice, isn’t it—to know you’re not alone?

We were created to connect. So I’ve started something. A place in the world where one thought can trickle into another. Where streams of stories can flow out and pour together, converging all in one place:
Rivulet Collective

Stop by sometime. Read a story. Share your own.


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