The Blank Page

blank page.jpg

Writers can be perfectionists. 

There. I've stated it. It's out in the open. Yes, my perfectionism pushes me to create the highest quality material. But it can also prevent me from stopping before I start. 

The scariest thing I face with each new idea—the blank page. 

I feel in my bones the spirit of the thoughts I want to convey. Yet when my standard is to make everything the absolute best, where do I begin? How do I write it better than before? What if I look back and I'm not satisfied? The blank page looms at me, purporting all my potential downfalls.

When I push past the mental hurdles and simply get something on the page—anything at all—there is a sense of relief. I have begun a draft. And drafts can be edited. 

After 20 years in this profession, the blank page still has the power to intimidate me. But I can't let it. 

Neither can you. Keep writing.  



Photo by Anomaly on Unsplash

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