My Year of Joy!

I was talking to my friend Robin a few weeks ago as she was ready to take an amazing leap of faith on a new life adventure. In our conversation, she asked how I was doing. And I told her, "You know, I've been realizing lately how wonderful I am!" I just can't help it. I know that people around me are experiencing some painful experiences right now. And my heart and prayers are with them. However I continue to see is how blessed I am. I told Robin that 2007 has been my year of joy! If you'd like to share my joy, read on!

At the beginning of this year, there was some question at work as to whether they were going to continue the work at home policy as is or revise it some. We never heard anything. Every day since I have tried to remember to appreciate the huge blessing I have in getting to work from home. I get to spend all day with Kaelyn and Steve while still getting to use my skills as an editor. I think the apprehension on my status has made sure I don't take this set-up for granted!

I found that Cincinnati became home pretty quickly. Sorry, Lexington. I will always be proud to be from Kentucky and will never change my UK basketball loyalty. But I do love Cincinnati. I'll admit I was nervous to move to town, away from suburban life. Yet lately I've noticed how at home I am here and how much I love where we live. Our backyard is beautiful Eden Park. You can't beat it! We have amazing walks with terrific views. Please come visit, and I'll give you a tour!

On Sunday we celebrated two years of Echo Church. It's such a cool experience for me to be so excited about church every week. I look around at all the new brothers and sisters in Christ I've gotten to know from our time together, and I see others I've grown closer to, and I smile! I love witnessing God use Steve each week as a preacher and a pastor.

I've already mentioned Echo friends. Others have relocated, yet I am glad to know that I can vacation in Iowa, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, or London, England because people I care for dearly live there! Glad for email and blogs and Facebook to keep in touch! I've had some fun times and great conversations with my locals too :) those who've been by my side for years. You keep me sane, people!

There's been fun birthday parties on the Carr side that have brought us all together a lot this summer, and I've been so thankful! I had an awesome time on vacation with my parents and aunts. And I was humbled by the love my family showed on my birthday, from my in-laws and grandparents making the drive to my parents creatively giving me 30 gifts to open!

Family—close up!
I cannot tell Kaelyn and Steve enough how much they mean to me. I never knew that toddlerhood could be so fun! Kaelyn cracks us up on a daily basis. She is learning so quickly, with her vocabulary expanding each hour if we'd try! She loves exploring, and it's fascinating to watch her fascinated at every little thing. She loves people, and people love her! She's trying to become so independent, yet she is so attached and loving with her hugs and kisses. And Steve. I just can't say enough. You are truly amazing, babe. I say that with all sincerity! You amaze me with your skills and talents and steadfast love for God, Kaelyn, and me!

So those are just a few things I've got going for me! Enough to make anyone smile! :)
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