Just one more post about The Office . . .

And then I promise that's it for a while! :)

I've been questioning my sanity a little about my fondness for The Office. It probably started with Steve mocking me on his blog! But then I just HAD to watch the premiere episode again last night because I thought I perhaps had missed a few things while laughing and conversing with friends during Thursday night's viewing. Previously I had requested Office merchandise for my birthday and had purchased a few things at the Target dollar section that had Office quotes and pictures on them.

And I do check out a blog where fellow fans commune and discuss the show -- hey! I'm making new friends, that's all. And I happen to catch up with some details of things I missed in the show and find out extra tidbits such as when they post deleted scenes at NBC.com. (It does prove there are more obsessive fans than me. They notice way more than I do!)

But I'm starting to wonder if maybe I do need a support group after all!

Truly my love of the show and appreciation for its well-crafted characters and hilarious dialogue just goes along with my nature as an editor and writer -- I appreciate good storytelling! Am I right, people? I only neglect my daughter a couple hours a week in order to keep up with this new hobby! :)

Then today a thought occurred: Steve is really into fantasy baseball AND fantasy football. Enough said. I feel fine about myself now! :)
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