Warning: self-reflective post ahead!

At times, if I allow myself the time for cognitive reflection, I can tap into the intelligent side of my brain and bring forth profound thought and multifaceted vocabulary to express my visceral personality. The writing produced by such thought emerges from an unknown location and presents itself on the page. In reading through past meanderings as these, I find myself surprised that I was the author and hardly recall the entire construction process.

And, at other times, my brain is simply muddle. A puddle.

And then there are times when I feel I can’t focus on a thing! Barely comprehending one thought, my attention is yanked away to some distraction. And I get mad at myself for not being able to remember why I walked from one room to another.

Such is life, I guess. And while I desire depth in both my daily thought processes and my weekly postings here on the blog, sometimes life isn’t like that. Or depth comes in simple language and simple events, which is just fine. The only negative is that it can be hard on the pride and ego -- if I’m a writer and editor, I tell myself that I should be more eloquent more often. I have the potential, at least!

My desire for my life is to encourage others with my words. However that comes, in large words and large thoughts or in simple musings, I hope that you might find something I say ends up causing you to smile, to think, to praise God. After all, the ability to write comes from God, intended to give the glory back to Him!
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