Preacher's Girl

So Kaelyn has been very emotional this week. I chalked it up to being tired on Monday after a full weekend. Every little thing that didn't go her way caused her to bawl and sob. No exaggeration! But then it happened again on Tuesday. Wednesday was better, but Thursday I was about ready to call someone up and ask if they'd like Kaelyn for the day while I ran away! :) I have no idea why she had these sudden outbursts. Not ready for such a new stage!

[Sidebar: Steve's answer to the above would be "she gets it from her mother." I am anticipating him making such a comment and taking away his power by saying it first. Yes, I am a passionate human being. That translates into getting really excited about life. But it also means when something goes awry, my tears or anger can be just as passionate! I did already say a thank you to both Steve and my parents this week: after my time with Kaelyn, I realize how much love my parents showed to put up with me growing up and Steve shows being married to me!]

Anyway, there have been some cute moments this week, and that's what this blog was intended to be about. But I first needed to have it on record that I had a crazy week as a mom! :)

Kaelyn is really into reading about Jesus in her children's board book Bibles. It is adorable when she asks for "hee hee." That means Jesus. I don't know if she's pronouncing the J like in Spanish, where Jesus is "hey-soos," or what! (Then again, she also calls raisins "hee hee" which is REALLY random, so I think she just gets out what she gets out with no apparent meaning.)

Kaelyn brings us one of her Bibles and asks to read about "hee hee" at least four times a day. She also requests her Bible and Jesus again right before she goes to sleep. I usually rock her and sing "Jesus Loves Me," but this week she wanted to read the Bible again before sleeping. In fact, three times this week she's actually clung to her Bible and taken it to bed with her. (Whatever works to steer clear of the aforementioned tears!)

In one of her Bibles, Kaelyn can describe "feet" (Jesus washing the disciples' feet), "eat" (the last supper), "night night" (when the disciples fell asleep in the garden while Jesus prayed, and and the "fire" which is "hot" that the discples were sleeping beside), "cross" and "rock—big" (for the stone that was in front of the tomb). But the best is when she holds up her hands and we ask "Where did Jesus go?" when we see the empty tomb. We flip the page and say, "There He is!" as He appears to the disciples. It's really cute to watch her! Then we wave and say "see you later" as He goes up to Heaven. (You know, this Bible is a really good book!)

This week was also cute when Steve taught her to say "pray" and fold her hands as Jesus was doing in another of her books. And she'll repeat Steve saying "Amen." So maybe now we can start getting her to participate in prayer times instead of trying to get us to wake up when we close our eyes to pray before dinner! :)

More faces of Kaelyn (taken by my dad a couple weeks ago).

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