Take a Deep Breath and Smile!

An hour from now it will be December 5. Which means it's the one year anniversary since my lung decided to spontaneously deflate on me. Hooray for a year of healthy breathing! That's something I took for granted until now.

Today I was listening to some David Crowder on my iPod, and I recalled how much those same songs meant to me when I spent time in the hospital. God used that time to provide me with needed rest and a renewed focus on Him. And as I read back to see how God used that time to answer some unspoken desires, I hope that I have allowed Him to infiltrate my year day in and day out, without allowing stress to build up so that it takes five days in the hospital to get me to stop and slow down!

Although I've had my moments and days, as we all do, I've had a great year. I've tried to be appreciative of how great I have life so that I don't take so many blessings, big and small, for granted. In the year's time, I look back and see friendships that have deepened, new friendships that have been made, and continual love and support by my family. Thanks to everyone who is a part of my life—thanks for bringing me smiles and being used by God to make my life better in ways you'll never know.

All in all, this is kind of like a belated Thanksgiving post. Or an early end-of-the-year wrap-up. But I find this particular day a little more meaningful to my year's experience and a bit more random! :)

Celebrate with me right now and take a deep breath in and out—and thank God that you can!