A Review of Literature: Jane Eyre

Of late, I have had wont to consider the classics whilst I fill my days in respite from my paid labours. And indeed, one accomplishment has already become my treasure—Jane Eyre.

My repose was such this week that I had liberty to partake in the reading earlier than suspected. What began as a leisurely activity to bide away my idle time soon changed its course. After some engagement in the narrative, there persisted in me some strange madness, pressing me onward to take hold of the unknown future and compel the novel to reveal its enigmatic ending.

I was struck by fatigue on more than one occasion at such bewitching hours when the moon was high and one day turned unto another. Yet I crept forward in enchanting delight, lapping up the strange tale as a ravenous beast, no longer aware of what person or activity surrounded me.

As foretold by a confidante, the enrapturing effort ended satisfactorily. Disappointment was far from me, and a smile crept to my face as the last page turned.

Surprisingly, God's presence was felt throughout the journey, and His Mighty Spirit spoke to me through numerous passages. Truly, I am a joyous character to have undertaken this pursuit.
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