A Rose by Any Other Name . . .

I've got one more Kaelyn post before I get back to sharing some of my own thoughts around my blog. But this made my day:

We had lots of errands to run today, so we began our day with breakfast at McDonalds. We went to the Hyde Park location. Hadn’t been there in several months. As we left, we said bye to an older woman who works there. I recalled meeting her several months ago, but we hadn’t seen her since. And we hadn't talked to her today except on our way out the door. As started to walk out, Kaelyn looked at her and said, “Bye, Rose!”

I looked at the woman’s name tag, and Kaelyn was right! At first I thought, She's just learning to read, so she didn't read it. Could a 3-year-old really remember her name from one conversation we had with her months ago?

The woman was surprised and flattered and smiled really big as we went out.

Outside on the way to the car, I told Kaelyn she was beautiful. That is honestly the first word that came to mind. I felt like I saw God's beauty as He used a little girl to make this woman smile.

I asked Kaelyn how she remembered her name. She said, “I asked her name, and she told me Rose. Rose is a flower that we smell.”

Today, stop and smell the roses and bless someone as you do.