I am not a rebel

I am a rule-follower. When I consider infringing upon the smallest regulation, it gives me heart palpitations. If someone projects authority, I will strive to obey it.

I don't take risks. But I have a friend who does. And when I'm with that friend, I've been encouraged to live a little more, go beyond my bounds. In a good way! No harm has come by me to loosen up on matters that aren't rigid. I've been known to dip a toe into waters I'd normally shy away from.

But my friend's willingness to take risks causes people to give a label. Which is sad because I know my friend's heart. Passion for God and people and truth come before all. So if some rule is slamming God or hurting people or deceiving the truth, my friend will snap it in half. In a nice way. :)

I just get sad when my friend is perceived poorly, assumed to be a certain way because of sticking up for such beliefs. I'll admit that I have had (and may occasionally still have) a tendency to look down upon people who aren't as goody-two-shoes as me. Why can't they just fall in line? I wonder. But I'm glad I met my friend. Now my perspective is different. And I thank God for humbling me, reminding me that He made everyone with different strengths. I've got my own foibles. And if it weren't for rule-benders or breakers, who would fight for freedoms or truths? Jesus was considered a wee bit of a rebel himself!

So to my friend I say: I know your heart. If others don't see it yet, that's their problem. I've got your back.
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