but in summer . . .

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though I cling to its very last moments
I must recognize
the time has come—
summer is at an end

I feel its waning hours
in the depth of my soul
and I admit—
a sorrow silently persists

yes nature in beauteous array
arrives in autumnal splendor
and when cooler air prevails—
I hearten

yet with fall at hand,
the slow rhythms—
late nights, late mornings,
sweet summertime—
come to a close
and I miss its comforts

I am refreshed, relaxed, renewed
in summer
gone is the stress
gone is the regular routine

I am sabbath—
and I wear it well

I laugh with friends & family
laid back conversation
trips off the tongue
no place to head next
we take our time

in the space we find our voices
things silenced the rest of the year

in fall, in winter, even spring
no time to stop
no time to listen
on to the next thing
our to-do list demands

but in summer
we take time
to see one another

but in summer
stress melts away
and our walls come down

but in summer
life is a little less heavy
our spirits brighter

maybe in summer
I find the best in myself
maybe in summer
I find the best in all of us
and that is what I miss

maybe if these summertime lessons
could take root
just maybe the best in us
would last the whole year through



Photo by David Lezcano on Unsplash

Kelly CarrComment