Words sent out


It seems that here in the final quarter of 2018 I’ve done a tremendous amount of writing, yet those words have been sent out to others, leaving a void here on the pages of Editor of Life.

Not to be remiss with those who visit here—and I am so grateful you have stopped in!— I want to share with you some pieces I’ve crafted of late that are near and dear to my heart. (You can also find these and other published writing of mine anytime on my Published page.)

  • The Waiting (a spoken word poem crafted for and shared aloud with Echo Church to set the tone for our Advent season)

  • Waiting. Together. (a story I’ve not shared until now. It had been on my heart a while and I shared it aloud at Echo Church and in print on the pages of Rivulet Collective, a space I created at the beginning of 2018 for people to gather and to share. Scroll around and read some items, if you would. There are so many perspectives there. I edit all pieces published on Rivulet; please contact me if you’d like to grace the site with your own story.)

  • Jesus & Women [video or audio] (a sermon I taught at Echo Church; I’ve been teaching there regularly, and what a challenge it’s been to shape my writing in this way. This was my favorite from 2018.)

All these, I just noticed, involve Echo Church in some way. It’s a family of believers my husband and I and a handful of others founded over 13 years ago. My role serving our church family has shifted and grown over the years, and I’ve been blessed of late to be able to regularly participate on the Teaching Team.

Thanks for visiting. See you in the new year.

Kelly CarrComment